DVD Slideshow Builder helps you create an entertaining and appealing photo slideshow from images you capture or gather. This slideshow software offers a handful of editing tools to help you make unique and high-quality slideshows. However, it lacks sharing and output options, and DVD Slideshow Builder's customer support is minimal.

DVD Slideshow Builder's greatest strengths lie within its editing tools. There are three parts to the software: organize, personalize and create. These three sections of the software help break up the creation and editing processes to make slideshow design simple and quick. During the organization section, you can choose the specific images you want for your picture slideshow. The personalize section allows you to add special touches of your own. In the create section, you can easily publish your work.

This slideshow creator offers more than 450 background and theme templates. This software has one of the largest selections of templates available of all the photo slideshow makers we tested. There is no limit to the number photos you can add to each slideshow, and more than 130 transition effects are available.

There are easy-to-use options on DVD Slideshow Builder. In its create section are a series of clip art images, sounds and photo effects to help you perfect the introduction and credits of your slideshow.

There are no tools available to help you generate and create design elements yourself. Instead, you must use the prefabricated effects that DVD Slideshow Builder offers in order to jazz up your slideshow.

Once you've completed your picture slideshow, you can click on the create tab to access a series of input and output options. You can burn picture slideshows to DVDs, save them to your computer in a number of different video file formats and export them in a format that is compatible with popular mobile devices. You can also save your slideshows in several high definition (HD) formats.

However, there are a few limitations on the sharing and output options. You can share your slideshows on YouTube and social networks such as Facebook, but you cannot create an interactive CD or email your slideshows directly from the software. Many of the higher-ranked products allow you to share your slideshows through CD and email.

DVD Slideshow Builder is lacking in the help and support department. This application doesn't offer phone support. You can receive answers to many of your questions by sending an email, reading the user guide and checking a community forum. Without more direct help and support, you are limited if you run into any unaddressed questions while using this software. There is a live chat option, though.

DVD Slideshow Builder Summary:

This slideshow software can produce appealing picture slideshows, but it is not especially outstanding. It lacks help and support options as well as sharing options, including interactive CD creation and email sharing which many of the best products offer. The three-part process for ease of use gives this software an easy learning curve.

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DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe

This software separates the process into three steps, which makes slideshow creation easy and enjoyable.

You cannot share your slideshow on an interactive CD or via email.

The Verdict:

This application is fairly easy to use and offers many customization options to help you create slideshows that are truly your own.